About Us

SnackFerret Studio started life as a domain purchase, snackferret.com that Jonathan Curley (Velivian Fesothe) bought with the intent to develop it into a game.

The name was chosen because it was interesting and wacky, but while having sat as an idle project for a number of years, and after he formally registered Furtainment Ltd the domain was repurposed as a redirect to a new .studio domain. It now features our corporate website.

SnackFerret Studio is a small studio specialising in creating animation, puppetry, robotics, and music for our own in house shows and movies using traditional, modern, and exotically innovative production technologies.

It’s our ambition to grow into a multi country movie and animation studio based in Bolton and reach out to work with marginalised lgbtq+ talent to create culturally diverse content.

We also aim to be widely known as a maker centric studio creating at home 3D printed projects and developing large engineering innovations to support live entertainment venues, shows, movies, and concerts.

Our ambitious goals mean we are focused on having the freedom to create our wildest imaginative creations. But by not wanting to stay small we ensure our studio projects provide the best emerging work for our fans and business clients – we want to fuel an entertainment ecosystem driving current and compelling stories to a multilingual audience.

For businesses we hope to provide a range of entertainment products and open source projects tapping into the local and international cultural fabric of society. With an assurance of quality that comes with knowing exactly who you’ll be working with every time.